Swiss Ski Trip
As the winter nears, it can only mean one thing – ski resorts are now open and it’s time to hit the slopes. But what exactly do you need to bring to get the very best out of your ski trip in Switzerland? Read today’s blog for our top tips and itinerary list for an unforgettable skiing experience in the Swiss Alps.

When venturing on a skiing holiday, one of the biggest obstacles some people may encounter is packing with only a 15-23kg luggage allowance for the flight. So packing efficiently is a must. We are going to cover exactly what you will need for your ski break, from the basics to the more luxurious items.

Before You Go

As with any holiday, correctly preparing for your time away can take a huge amount of stress out of your holiday. Preparing for a skiing trip is very similar to any holiday, with a few added extras.

  • Inform Your Bank – Don’t get caught without money while you’re away due to your bank locking your card. Always try to inform them of where you will be and when you’ll be there to make sure any transactions you make are authorised by your bank. It is always a good idea to carry some cash in the local currency just in case you do get stuck without a card.
  • Manage Your Liquids – If you are flying you will only be able to take liquid’s in your hand luggage of up to 100ml. So make sure you either remove anything exceeding this amount or put it in the luggage going in the hold of the aeroplane.
  • Pack With Care – Try to make sure everything you are taking is packed as efficiently as possible. Try to pack in a way where more delicate items are protected from any bumps bill suitcase might take during the flights and transport. Wear your skiing jacket and everyday boots on the plane so you can avoid using up excess space in your suitcase. Don’t forget to make sure you have your passport and any other travel documentation you might need (COVID documentation will be necessary if you are travelling from certain countries – find out more here)
Swiss Ski Trip

Clothing to Pack


The clothing you wear on a ski trip is unlike most holidays, keep casual attire to a minimum to save space for other items. Pack clothing for the flight, meals out, Après Ski, and to wear around the apartment. But leave the majority of dresses or smart jackets at home.

So, what should I pack?

It is never a good idea to leave packing for a ski holiday until the last minute, you may find you need items of clothing that you don’t currently own, so preparing well in advance is always recommended. Take your time to make sure the things you bring have a purpose and will benefit your skiing break. You will need plenty of warm thick socks, a pair of warm and waterproof gloves, a warm hat, a scarf or snood, a warm and waterproof coat (preferably a ski coat), and a pair of rugged boots for when you are off the slopes. Thermal under layers are always a good idea to bring along with you just in case you find yourself getting cold.


Skiing Equipment – Rent or Buy?


When it comes to skiing equipment people often ask “should I buy or rent?”. Now, the answer to this question is often personal to you. Do you go skiing often? Is it easy to transport skiing gear when you go skiing? How long will you be skiing for? These are all considerations you should make before making your choice.

If you are someone who goes skiing regularly it could be cost-effective to buy your equipment outright. This saves you from renting every time you go on a skiing trip and could save you money in the long run. It is worth investing in high-quality equipment which will last you a long time. And we would always advise that these pieces of equipment are fitted to you correctly. This will ensure they are not uncomfortable when worn for long periods. This could also be a cost-effective solution if you are planning on taking part in an entire ski season. Renting equipment for this length of time can work out to be more costly than if you were to buy your own equipment.

On the other hand, it might prove difficult for you to transport your ski equipment to and from the resort if you choose to buy your own. If you regularly fly to your ski resort it can sometimes prove difficult to take your skiing equipment on the flight with you. Whereas if you often drive to a ski resort it is much easier to transport ski equipment in a car.

Swiss Ski Trip

What Skiing Equipment Do I Need?


Getting the right skiing equipment for the type of slopes and your level of skiing can dramatically improve the quality of your ski trip. The best way to make sure you are using the correct equipment for you is to check in a professional ski centre. Here are some basics you will need:

  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Ski Boots
  • Helmet
  • Salopettes/Ski Suit
  • Poles
  • Ski Goggles


To Summarise


Skiing can be one of the most rewarding sports to take part in, and if you prepare correctly you are guaranteed a good time. Swiss ski resorts are packed with ski shops and information centres which will always be on hand to give you advice and guidance where necessary.

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