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Switzerland not only encompasses some of the most beautiful and iconic scenery in the world, it offers a completely unique lifestyle to its residents and visitors. The climate & landscape of this country results in a place like no other.

From the mountainous surroundings, where you can take part in extreme sports, to the sprawling vineyards where some of the best wines in the world can be found, Switzerland has something to offer to the whole family.

Swiss residences make for one of the most relaxing escapes there can be, with incredible, untouched areas of natural beauty in every direction.

Your Swiss Investment

…a safe haven for investment.

For years, Swiss properties have represented some of the best investments that can be made. The swiss property market is characterised by high security and stability. The properties themselves undergo strict compliance checks and must adhere to government building regulations to ensure their build quality.

Our locations have been chosen specifically for their investment potential. Our apartments and chalets are in some of the fastest growing ski resort regions in Switzerland. We ensure all of the regions we cover contain excellent transport networks, as well as year-round alpine activities, just waiting to be enjoyed.

Property Investment Strategies

It is our goal to provide property investment opportunities to all types of investors and allow for all investment strategies. This is why we offer a separate property management service on all of our properties. We combine our years of experience in the property market with our unmatched knowledge of the swiss alps, to identify the ‘next best thing‘ in ski resort locations.

For more information on how we can help with your property management, just visit our dedicated property management service site MrsMiggins. This service takes full control of all aspects of your property rental, leaving you with a care-free property investment. Visit our MrsMiggins site here.

Swiss Property Investment

Our Swiss Property Investment Guides

Buying Property In Switzerland

The Swiss property market has been experiencing positive growth for over 20 years, with the most rapid expansion seen in the ski property sector. The swiss alps is home to some of the finest real estate in the world, with stunning views and plenty of activities nearby. If you are considering investment into a Swiss ski property, read our free ‘Buying Property In Switzerland’ guide. Our AlpLifestyle guide on property purchasing in Switzerland takes you through the property acquisition process for the local area.

This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of what you should expect when buying a property in Switzerland and reasons why this part of the world represents such a fantastic investment opportunity.

We will cover everything from ski resort information to property taxation, and everything in between. Our Swiss ski properties offer the buyer a luxurious escape along with fun for all the family. Alongside a fantastic investment opportunity, enabling them to enter a market with outstanding potential in both rental and property value aspects.


Property in

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Swiss Property Rental

Prime ski locations in the Swiss Alps have a fantastic rental potential. Alpine ski resort areas see massive numbers of tourists pass through them every year. Many of them wanting to experience the luxury accommodation associated with the Alps that our properties offer. High end properties in Swiss ski resorts are very sought after for short breaks, with potential for an exceptional yield on investment.

If you are interested in property investment to rent, check out our ‘Swiss Property Rental’ guide. This details rental options and the returns you should expect. Chalets and apartments can be rented privately or through a dedicated rental management company like MrsMiggins. More details regarding this are provided in the guide.

Property rentals represent a constant and sustainable income source from your property. A flexible rental strategy will allow you to use your property as an income source, as well as an alpine escape for both you and your family.

Apartments Interior


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Property Purchase Process

Purchasing a property can sometimes be a daunting process. This can be emphasised further if the property is in a foreign location. Here at AlpLifestyle we ensure all of our clients are assisted every step of the way with their property purchase. This includes all relevant assistance required for investing in a property with the intention to rent.

If you are considering purchasing a property in the Swiss Alps or just want some more information regarding the purchase process of Swiss property read our ‘Property Purchase Process’ guide. This details the entire purchase process of our Swiss ski chalets and apartments. From choosing the right property to meet your needs, to obtaining a mortgage and making the move.

This guide will also take you through all associated costs when purchasing a Swiss property in the Alpine area. This will include any taxes and fees that must be paid when buying property here.



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If you have any questions or require any further information on investing in Swiss real estate, please contact us to speak to expert property advisors.

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