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AlpLifestyle understands the fantastic investment opportunities that ownership of Swiss ski apartments & chalets can present. This is why we offer dedicated rental management with all of our property sales, through our sister company Mrs Miggins. Mrs Miggins takes the stress out of private property rentals, while leaving maximum flexibility for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy your luxury ski property.

Who Are Mrs Miggins?

Mrs Miggins luxury chalet services provide a second-to-none rental service to its clients, and an unforgettable stay for all of its guests. With demand for property rental in the Swiss Alps increasing yearly, Mrs Miggins recognises the need for unmatched luxury services to meet all needs. Mrs Miggins ensures each and every guest receives a unique and tailored experience when staying in their managed properties.

Mrs Miggins take full control over your properties rental, and most importantly they work around you. They provide you with a profitable investment, which you can use personally whenever suits you best.

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Why Rent With Mrs Miggins?

The vision of Mrs Miggins is to be a one stop solution for all rental aspects of properties under their management. With both clients and guests in mind, Mrs Miggins prides itself in the services it provides on both ends of the property rental chain. Not only does this give the guests an unforgettable stay in your property, it also provides you as a property owner with a reliable, highly accredited source of passive rental income.

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How Does Renting With Mrs Miggins Work?

When purchasing one of our AlpLifestyle properties, we will offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the services offered by Mrs Miggins if you intend to rent your property. If you choose to use Mrs Miggins for rental, their aim is to ensure you are maximising the profits from your property rentals.

Mrs Miggins have many years of experience in the property rental sector, so will be able to advise the best course of action for your property, and once agreed upon will be fully arranged by Mrs Miggins themselves.

Simply advise Mrs Miggins how many days per year you would like your property to be rented out, and how many days you would like the property to be available for personal use. Mrs Miggins will develop a rental plan and an estimation for the income you should expect to see.

What Services Do Mrs Miggins Provide?

In short Mrs Miggins will provide everything necessary for your property to be rented out to guests. Once the periods of rental have been arranged between you and Mrs Miggins there is no further input required from you.

Mrs Miggins will take the laborious tasks out of day to day living for guests, this ranges from transportation, to cooking and everything in between. It is Mrs Miggins’ goal to create the most luxurious stay possible for guests, to match the beautiful accommodation they are staying in.

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Get in Touch With Mrs Miggins

For more information on what Mrs Miggins can offer you, just get in touch with us here at AlpLifestyle, or Mrs Miggins themselves.

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