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Here at AlpLifestyle it is our goal to make your property purchasing experience as stress-free, and as seamless as possible. We ensure we are here for you from day one until completion of sale, and long into your property ownership. Advice given by AlpLifestyle is backed by over 20 years of experience, and we aim to reflect this extensive knowledge in every decision that is made throughout your purchase with us.

The Alpine Experts

AlpLifestyle have been part of the Swiss property market industry for over 20 years. We ensure all of our advice and actions reflect this vast understanding of the local property markets in order to find a property that will meet your every need, and to make an effortless purchase process.

We are able to advise you in all areas of property purchasing, from searching for your ideal Alpine escape, to renting out your property as a source of passive income, and everything in between. Our goal is to provide you with an in depth understanding of all the steps involved in purchasing your Swiss property in a simple and easy to understand way.

We will guide you from day one, until completion, and into the future to answer any questions, and give you the best advice along the way.

Alpine Experts

Finding The Right Property For You

It is our passion at AlpLifestyle to provide all of our clients with their dream property in the Swiss Alps. We will stop at nothing to ensure all of your needs are met, tailoring our approach on a client by client basis. Whether you are looking for a second home for personal use, or you are interested in the fantastic investment opportunities our properties represent, here at AlpLifestyle we make you the priority, and adapt to meet your every need.

If you require assistance finding the right property, our expert advisors will have discussions with you regarding the wants and needs of your property, and guide you towards the properties which meet your criteria. They will assist you with any questions you have about the property, and accompany you throughout the purchase process once you find the property you are looking for, and make your dream become a reality.

Les Rahas Jacuzzi

Property Management

Due to the fantastic investment opportunity represented by Swiss ski apartments & chalets, we find a lot of our clients wish to take advantage of the property rental market once they have take ownership of their property. Here at AlpLifestyle we aim to make this option available to all of our clients, offering a stress-free approach to renting out their properties. We offer this service through our sister site, Mrs Miggins.

Mrs Miggins is dedicated to property rental management, ensuring you the best service as property owner, and giving all guests an unforgettable stay in your property. AlpLifestyle work alongside Mrs Miggins to ensure you are provided with unmatched service from the outset of your property purchase, right through to creating a steady stream of rental income.

Mortgages & Funding

When purchasing property in a foreign country , we understand the local rules regarding property funding may differ to your country of residence. This is why AlpLifestyle ensure you are supplied with all the relevant information you need to purchase any property with us. We will help you every step of the way, giving you a detailed understanding of what you should expect along the property purchase journey.

We can assist you in acquiring a mortgage in Switzerland, and advise you on the criteria you will need to meet in order to apply and be accepted for one. For more information on the funding options you have when purchasing a property with us, just get in touch to speak to one of our expert advisors.

Property Restrictions
Cantonal Authorities

Cantonal Authorities in Valais

AlpLifestyle work alongside you when liaising and negotiating with authorities specific to the canton your property is located within. Regulations regarding property sales differ throughout the country depending on the area concerned. With our vast understanding of the property laws regarding AlpLifestyle property locations, we are able to ensure your property purchase goes smoothly and guide you towards the best routes to take.

We can also answer any questions related to the property purchasing rules in the cantons AlpLifestyle properties are located within. For more information regarding Cantonal regulations in Switzerland get in touch with us at AlpLifestyle.

We are here to make your property purchase as easy and as enjoyable as possible. This is why we ensure we are here for you at every turn, answering any questions you might have regarding all aspects of Swiss property ownership and the opportunities that it brings with it. For more information on any of our properties, or services simply contact us below and one of our expert advisors will get in touch.

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