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Alpine Lifestyle Partners (ALP)

Buy your Luxury Second Homes in The Swiss Alps from the Developer.

We are established in Switzerland for many years creating Luxury Second Homes in The Swiss Alps -Apartment and Chalet- for International and Swiss clients from many destinations.

Our services start with the land and end with fully completed properties; with management and rental for those that wish to generate a return on their investment.

ALP offer advisory services covering: marketing and sales, project management, resolution of building and funding issues, remodelling of projects for alternative use and liaison and negotiation with Communal and Cantonal authorities in Valais.

We have built the business to develop first class rental in the Swiss Alps, that are still the Luxury Second Homes of our clients but come with many additional benefits.

We established Mrs Miggins – www.miggins.ch– as a luxury rental and management business to support our and other projects and generating guests from over 35 different countries.

Over the last 20 years we have navigated planning and sales issues such as Le Moratoire and Lex Weber and are ideally placed to advise you with respect to how to buy, sell or develop a project in Valais.

For those seeking to buy an apartment or chalet, whether Swiss resident or Not, please look at our list of properties.

These projects are underway and benefit from being approved pre-weber and so are under the previous ownership and usage regulations.

These projects are some of the last available in Valais so do not hesitate to email us with any questions or to make an appointment to visit the sites.

Our recent projects

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