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From its breathtaking mountains to its gorgeous villages and lakes, there is no shortage of reasons why millions of ex-pats and Swiss citizens alike choose to make Switzerland their forever home. Aside from being a premier vacation spot (after all, 62% of the nation’s territory is made up by the beautiful Alps!), Switzerland is growing in popularity amongst investors as new properties continue to finish development.

However, when it comes to finding a good investment location, the search can be a tough one, as there are simply too many choices. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy for you by pinpointing a real gem in the heart of Switzerland: Grimentz. Situated in the Swiss canton of Valais, this cosy village has a small population of 385 and dozens of special attractions.

Stay tuned as we walk you through all the reasons that make Grimentz unique — and profitable.

1. It Offers Jaw-dropping Scenery

With an altitude of 1,564m, Grimentz presents its inhabitants with panoramic and picturesque views at every angle. Travelers from all over the world come to experience the sights, as the village maintains its fantasy-like charm during every month of the year, rain or shine. This scenery is one of the main things that has put Grimentz in the map, with the surrounding mountains hosting some of the most exciting mountain-based sports in Europe, including skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Upon arriving in Grimentz you cannot help but feel as though you have been transported back in time to a fairy-tale mountain village. This is perhaps why Grimentz see’s such a huge popularity in terms of investment, residency and holidaying. There is quite simply nothing else quite like it.

Ski Lift Grimentz

2. Winters Are Filled with Activities

The winter months turn Grimentz into a picture-perfect wonderland. When winter causes other parts of the world to shut down completely, those living in Grimentz can celebrate knowing the fun is only beginning. Skiing is the most popular recreational activity by far, with enormous ski areas of the Val d’Anniviers that enable all skiers, whether a first-timer or a skilled veteran, to enjoy the fresh snow. Skiing the rising mountains surrounding the village of Grimentz is one of the greatest ways to appreciate the surrounding landscape – it doesn’t take long to realise why this part of Switzerland is so popular with locals, and tourists alike. During the winter months, expect a flurry of travellers seeking some of the best ski slopes and views worldwide to seek accommodation within the village.

Popular winter attractions include:

  • The Grimentz Ski Resort
  • The Moiry Glacier
  • The Grimentz-Zinal Cable Car Link

Just a quick walk through one of the local forests will be enough to get you hooked on this wonderful part of the world. As you are surrounded by the snow dusted trees, with a backdrop of the mountains of the Val d’Anniviers ski resort you will be left in awe of what a magical place you find yourself in.

Skiing in Grimentz

3. Grimentz’s Summers Are Unbeatable

Even once the snow has melted and the skiers have packed up their equipment, Grimentz remains a perfect place for the modern adventure-seeker. The melting snow reveals a luscious, green landscape below the rising mountains. The area around Grimentz is dotted with beautiful meadows full of life, with trickling streams leading to expansive lakes. The true beauty of the area has to be seen to be believed, attracting families, solo travellers, couples and more by the thousands to take advantage of this stunning region. Some of the most common activities include climbing, hiking and mountain biking, as many are eager to scale the village’s nearby heights and experience views like no other.

Popular summer attractions include:

  • The Lac des Autannes
  • The Pierres à Cupules
  • The Cave Bourgeoise

The unique landscape around Grimentz also means that skiing is still possible, even in the height of summer. There high-altitude ski slopes are still fully open, with lift access daily. This makes Grimentz a true all-round destination for all ages and interests.

Grimentz Scenery

Final Thoughts

With the year-round benefits offered by Grimentz there is no wonder why it is rapidly becoming a haven’t for thrill seekers, explorers and lovers of nature. Statistics see the rate of tourism skyrocketing in all alpine regions, making it a fantastic time to invest in the area. Your investment will be maximized to the fullest as visitors enter the village on a rotating basis throughout the seasons. Due to the fantastic opportunities seen in Grimentz throughout the whole year you will be constantly reaping the rewards through property rentals, while helping thousands of travellers make the most of their vacations.

With investment opportunities starting for as little as 250,000 Euros, this should be a no-brainer for the modern investor. The possibilities are endless!